Orienteering map

     An orienteering map is the most precise map of the said area. Those are usually made by the sportsmen themselves. The maps are respecting the map key of IOF (International Orienteering Federation). In comparison to a common tourist map it differs in the use of three colours: white, green and yellow. White and green represent a forest. White is for an easy-to-run forest, whereas green indicates the runnability. The more intensive the green is, the thicker the forest is and therefore also more difficult to run in. Yellow colour represents open land, field, meadows, clear-cut areas. On the map you can find significantly more terrain details (pits, gullies, etc…), objects (such as shooting platforms, fodder racks, wells or boulders) and also more detailed description of the vegetation (thickness of the forest, distinctive trees, etc…) than other maps offer.
     On the maps of all sorts (tourist maps, road maps,... ) the north corresponds with their upper edge. The same holds also for orienteering maps. Moreover, blue north lines are drawn for easier orientation of the map and for azimuth determination. The north line can be equipped with an arrow at the northern end and it might be interrupted in order to guarantee legibility of the map in some particular detailed area.

Legend of the orienteering map :

legenda .jpg              legenda .pdf



Compass is the only technical tool an orienteering competitor can use during a competition. The longer sides of the base desk (eventually lines parallel to them) are used to joining points to determine the azimuth. Rotate the box of the compass in a way that the lines it the rotating part are corresponding with the north lines on the map. Turn the map with the compass so that the red tip of the needle point is parallel to the line in the rotation box. An arrow on the compass points the desired way to the next control.

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